Soundwalking Interactions is a research-creation project led by Dr. Andra McCartney, who until 2015 was Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University. This project was financially supported by the FQRSC.

The objective of the project is to explore the use of soundwalks and interactive installations to engage audiences and raise issues about various locations and their histories. A large number of soundwalks were organised by members of the research team in different locations around Montreal (Quebec) as well as across the province and internationally. These soundwalks and the discussions they engender were recorded and edited before being posted online to further exchanges and encourage feedback from participants as well as visitors. Additionally, an interactive audio-visual installation was designed in which movements of participants in a specific space mix sound excerpts (from previous soundwalks) diffused over a set of speakers as well as images of their movements projected on a large screen. These investigations were published through articles as well as conference presentations and international exchanges with related research groups.

Soundwalking Interactions attempts to widen the definition of the soundwalk and the agency given to participants. It also attempts, through its installation work, to point to the intimate relationships between movement, listening and touching. Our site contains information about the research project and its members, announcements of upcoming events as well as publications and conference presentations produced by the team. Posts include an interview with Dr. McCartney following  a soundwalk in Kuala Lumpur’s downtown, a summary of a soundwalk with Hildegard Westerkamp through Montreal’s public transportations, short clips and analysis of a recent installation design session, as well as a keynote conference presentation discussing ethics of soundscape recording. Each of these posts allow for comments.


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