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New York City buzz from the High Line

Excerpted from a soundwalk along the northern part of the High Line elevated linear park in lower Manhattan, on a cold winter day. This is from part of the walk far enough away from street corners and construction sites for those loud sound sources to permeate the ambience without completely saturating. Occasional sniffles and metallic footsteps, wind buffeting. Windmilling helicopter waves bouncing between high rises. I stop and sit quietly on a bench, face to the sun, eyes closed, close to the sign you see here. I hear a dense tapestry, layer upon layer of occasional passing voices, near and far construction sites, road and air traffic, distant calls and clangs going deep into the sound field. A few brave birds hopping in the shrubberies but not singing this afternoon. Rising again to move closer to the road, then northward.

One long take, recorded using binaural microphones, best with headphone listening. No processing, except short fades at beginning and end.

Recording and montage by Andra McCartney.

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