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Soundwalk video – AUDIOPARC event

This is a montage of the soundwalk led by Andra Mccartney around the metro de la Concorde, Laval, on September 30, 2012. This walk was part of the AUDIOPARC event hosted by Galerie Verticale and curated by Magali Babin.

This is a translation of the discussion excerpts heard at the end of the montage:

-What I heard everywhere, what I thought was loud mostly, were aggregates [masses], such as the wind, the sound of friction and of wind itself. Another aggregate was the movement of cars. This is was I mostly heard, even in the neighborhood through which we walked, which was quite desert. The were some empty moments, other quite dull, but they all felt like sonic aggregates, at times pierced by various short sonic events or accidents.

-I had the strange feeling of wearing headphones, it felt very unnatural, the whole experience took a supernatural shape. Sound started to predominate all other senses… strange.

-What surprises me is that this afternoon we are in a fairly dense environment, and we are pretty much on our own, the only ones here. We when close our eyes we almost have the impression of being in the forest, listening to the sound of wind blowing through the trees, and all other sounds are related to transportation, there is no one else walking, so we really look like aliens!

– Mute aliens even!

-I need to close my eyes to hear, if I see, then I look at everyone, I am not listening anymore.

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