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Stockholm soundwalk

This soundwalk took place right after the end of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network conference in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a Friday afternoon. We began on the University campus, walking by a small boy who was making sounds with a metal railing, and then by the Department of Defence to a residential area and crossing a busy street. Strangely, the street was not as busy as it had been at other times earlier in the week. There was not the frenetic Friday rush hour I would have expected in Canada at that hour. After the street, we went by a horse paddock where the horses’ hooves were completely muffled by the sand of the paddocks, silent horses. There was a woods after and a shady path, crunchy with gravel. Why is this surface so ubiquitous on walking paths in parks, making our footsteps dominate the landscape? When editing, I chose a part of the walk where we were able to leave the gravel and go through the woods. The fountain on the university campus defines the space, and the channelling of automobile traffic keeps it quieter than surrounding streets. One participant on the walk spoke of how much quieter overall, inside and out, this soundscape is in comparison with where he works in Madrid.

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