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Résonances de la Fontaine (May 19, from 5-6 pm)

Résonances de la Fontaine, an environmental sound performance by Malcolm Goldstein for the Soundwalking Interactions Project, is taking place in Parc Lafontaine May 19, 2012, from 5-6 pm  (rain date, May 20).  Goldstein (violinist/composer) will be joined by Philippe Lauzier (saxophones), Rainer Wiens (prepared electric guitar), Andra McCartney (recordist), David Madden (recordist), and Magali Babin (recordist).

Working with a soundscape score created by violinist and composer Goldstein, three musicians and three sound recordists will listen in different parts of the park over the afternoon, following Goldstein’s score based on a map of the park.  A performance at the end of the afternoon will be inspired by the listening experience.

The performance will be outdoors on the terrace of the Espace La Fontaine restaurant, which is just about in the centre of the park overlooking the water. Members of the Soundwalking Interactions Project will be on hand to direct people to the performance space.


Résonances de la Fontaine est une performance sonore environnementale produite par Malcom Goldstein pour le projet Soundwalking Interactions et qui aura lieu au parc Lafontaine durant le 19 mai 2012.

Goldstein (violoniste/compositeur) performera en compagnie de
Philippe Lauzier (saxophones)
Rainer Wiens (guitare électrique préparée)
Andra McCartney (enregistrement audio)
David Madden (enregistrement audio)
Magali Babin (enregistrement audio)

La performance se tiendra à l’extérieur de la terrasse du restaurant de l’Espace LaFontaine, au centre du parc près du lac. Les membres du projet Soundwalking Interactions seront présents pour diriger les participants.

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