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George Bures Miller

George Bures Miller (born 1960) is a Canadian artist who lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Grindrod, BC.  He is Janet Cardiff’s longtime collaborator.  Together the two have put together numerous international solo and group exhibitions, “smaller works,” installations and publications.  Their work has been featured in numerous books, including The Secret Hotel (2005), The Killing Machine and Other stories 1995-2007 (2007), and The House of Books has no Windows (2008).  Recent installations include Ship O’ Fools (2010), The Carnie (2010), The Cabinet of Curiousness (2010), and Storm Room (2009).

Soundwalking Interactions is particularly interested in Miller and Cardiff’s numerous audio and video walks, which Cardiff has been producing since at least the early 1990s, beginning with Forest Walk (1991).  Their last major walk project was Jena Walk (Memory Field) (2006), a commission from the Culture Department of the City of Jena, Germany.  This is how they describe the walk:  A walk is an act of contemplation.  For this walk the visitors were taken on a journey over a pastoral landscape where the battle between the Prussians and Napolean took place 200 years ago… Time slips from one century to another as the listener walks, aware of their feet on the earth and the wind on their face. They will be aware that they are walking on the site just as others have walked over the same earth the last two hundred years, their stories mixing with those in the past.

For more information on their projects and many collaborations, go to: www.cardiffmiller.com

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