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Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez is a world-renowned sound artist/experimental music maker, educator and (ecosystem) biologist.  His artistic practice revolves around field recordings, commissions, live performances, sound installations and workshops.  Lopez’s personal website presents a detailed framing of his many projects, current news, discography, essays and interviews, etc. (Francisco Lopez).

Lopez has written about “Cagean philosophy” (1996), his refusal to perform on a traditional stage (“Against the Stage” 2004), his sound work in the Amazon and “pure, ‘blind’ listening of sounds” (“Environmental sound matter” 1998), and “Schizophonia…” (1997), where he challenges some of the foundational ideas of soundscape studies established by R. Murray Schafer in The Tuning of the World.  While arguing that Schafer’s ‘“tuning is basically a ‘silencing’,’” Lopez connects his ideas on artistic freedom with (Pierre) Schaeffer’s l’objet sonore and Schafer’s schizophonia (the way sound reproduction technologies split sounds from their original context).  He writes, “a musical composition…must be a free action in the sense of not having to refuse any extraction of elements from reality and also in the sense of having the full right to be self-referential, not being subjected to a pragmatic goal such as a supposed, unjustified re-integration of the listener with the environment.”

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