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Sleepwalking reflection #2

With Sleepwalking: Kuala Lumpur < == > Montreal, I was particularly inspired by the improvised vocal performance that took place between the three collaborators:  Andra McCartney, Kathy Kennedy and Kok Siew Wai.  The artists created a live soundscape/soundtrack to a video piece edited by Kok Siew (largely comprised of images of the Lachine Canal), exploring a diverse set of possible verbal sounds and dynamics, including popping and clicking sound effects, breathy wind-like impressions and layers of drawn out tones.   One of the particular (video) editing challenges of the piece was making sure there was enough space in between each shot for the improvisers to interact and engage with the video.  This required a performative editing on the part of Kok Siew; anticipating the potential vocalizations of the participants while in the ‘editing room’ and to alter the rhythm of the shots accordingly.

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