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Installation Workshop at Concordia University

© David Paquette

On November 30, 2010, the Soundwalking Interactions team led a workshop at the Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University.  The objective of the workshop was to explore the possibilities of an audiovisual installation that transforms movement into sounds.

Soundwalks on the university campus were done by Andra McCartney, Caitlin Loney, David Paquette and David Madden. Each person contributed four recordings to the mix, some of which were processed from the original recordings to create different textures and ambiences. Processed recordings were juxtaposed with the original recordings in order to maintain a connection to the place. Like an unplanned potluck, the recordists did not know what other recordists would be contributing.

© David Paquette

The installation, made by Don Sinclair using MAX/MSP/Jitter employs a ceiling-mounted camera to register movements in a space defined by four loudspeakers, one at each corner. Each sound was mapped to one of sixteen grids in the installation space. The four recordists could stand as a quartet in different parts of the space and move their bodies to change the dynamics of their sounds using gesture, like four simultaneous audio mixers. Representations of the movements were projected onto an adjacent wall, allowing participants to see their gestures as well as hear their effect on the sound.

Four videos and additional photos can be found at these addresses:






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